On font identification and availability timelines for Calibri, Cambria and other Microsoft fonts:
“In general the release dates of Microsoft products is a matter of public record, but document verification is much more involved than establishing the release date of a particular application or operating system. For this reason we often refer font identification inquiries to Mr. Thomas Phinney, who we have worked with several times in the past in this area.”
—Simon Daniels, Principal Program Manager, Office Design (formerly Typography), Microsoft

“When it comes to expert witnesses, there are a lot of options to choose from in most cases. Expertise can be easy to find. What is hard to find is an expert who is likable, dedicated, and fully capable of concisely explaining hyper-technical information.

“Mr. Thomas Phinney is one of the best. Once we realized we needed to find an expert, we filtered through a lot of options and reached out to a few individuals. Mr. Phinney responded promptly, professionally, and addressed all our concerns.

“His knowledge on the subject was unmatched to other experts in the field. He was considerate to rearrange his schedule to fit our schedule. He is very knowledgeable, but he also has a great personality and demeanor that transforms information from ordinary to compelling. I would highly recommend his services.

“If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.”

—Sincerely, Shama Sheikh (client)

“Our lawyer is delighted.” [Weeks later] “…and it’s been bliss ever since! So we have you to thank for that! Going to court would have been stressful and time consuming, however I would have loved to have used your testimonial formally.” 
— Charlotte W., UK

“I really enjoyed working with you and should the need ever arise [again] for a typographical expert, I will certainly call you.”
—Jamey Wyman, lawyer in Stanislaus Food Products v. City of Modesto

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